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NBA 2K18 - What's New in MyCareer Mode


A rather large patch for NBA 2K18 called Update 5 took care of various issues found in game modes such as MyCareer. When players were using suggested lineups, these would sometimes reset beyond 90 OVR. Players won't lose these lineups anymore. After NBA games, players sometimes had the surprise to see an incorrect amount of NBA 2K18 VC being displayed even if they've received the reward. The issue that prevented the right amount from being shown is now corrected. If MyPlayer left MyCourt with a custom made shirt, a hang issue would occur. This will not happen anymore. The issue that didn't allow   MyPlayer to equip the skateboard or custom made shoes was also fixed. Another issue regarding MyPlayer's outfit was the one about his headband not being the right color. This too was sorted. If players changed shoe brands after shooting a commercial, they were prevented in some cases from taking part in a team practice. This shouldn't happen from now on. 
Players would sometimes encounter an error during the All-Star weekend when the game wouldn't go any further for the 3 point contest. This was a pretty rare issue but it was fixed anyway. Now, MyPlayer can engage in all sorts of activities in the Neighborhood without his headphones disappearing anymore. This is not the only case when MyPlayer's accessories went missing. During the interviews after NBA games, MyPlayer will be in possession of all his equipped accessories. An issue that caused defensive field goal to not give the correct value and enabled the coach to mislead players with incorrect counsel is now fixed. Multiplayer MyCourt games will now start and end without any more problems. The game will also run normally after MyPlayer loses the Conference Championship. 
Update 5 comes with many more fixes regarding gameplay, general issues, The Neighborhood, Pro-AM, MyGM/MyLeague, and MyTeam. It's time to buy NBA 2K18 MT cheap and all players should make sure to run the updated version of NBA 2K18 if they wish to enjoy a better gameplay. 

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