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First NBA 2K19 Player Ratings Revealed


NBA 2K19 comes September 2018 and some details about it are already available. Fans who follow the game on Twitter can already check out some of the new ratings. NBA 2K19 MT will be the main currency to get these players like before. The players themselves also share their thoughts about their OVR and tweet funny comments to Ronnie 2K. 
Lebron James is pretty happy with his NBA 2K19 rating. It would be hard not to be since his OVR is 98. Lebron is also on the cover of the anniversary edition so this year's NBA 2K version is treating him well. So far, Lebron James has the highest revealed rating. 
Kawhi Leonard has 94 rating. He just joined the Toronto Raptors after seven years with San Antonio Spurs. Anthony Davies from the New Orleans Pelicans also has 94 rating. The third player with 94 rating revealed so far is Giannis Antetokounmpo. 
Karl-Anthony Towns got a better rating than last year. He now has 91. He is not very happy about it and he is sure that Ronnie 2K had something to do with it. Demarcus Cousins has 90 rating. He promises us that we will see a rating increase this season. Damian Lillard has 90 OVR. He has been Portland Trail Blazers' point guard since his NBA debut in 2012. 
DeMar DeRozan is not bothered by his 89 OVR. Another player with 89 rating is Paul George from Oklahoma City Thunder. Jayson Tatum has 87 OVR and he is happy with the increase. Donovan Mitchell wants to know if there is someone else with the same rating (87) and he is also curious about his dunk attribute. Ben Simmons has 87 rating and judging by his reaction he is not very happy about it. However, he has a positive attitude and he is sure he can improve it. That's the spirit. Kemba Walker from the Charlotte Hornets has 86 rating. D'Angelo Russell has 83 rating. More ratings will be revealed as we get closer to the launch date. 

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