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NBA 2K19 – MyTeam Unlimited Tournament


NBA 2K19 is hosting a new tournament for MyTeam mode. The tournament is called MyTeam Unlimited and it features Unlimited mode that was introduced in the 2018 installment. This mode is a five versus five competition that is based on NBA rules. Players use the cards that they have acquired in MyTeam mode. There are no restrictions concerning the choice of cards other than the limit. Thirteen of them can be used. 
The tournament has a generous prize of 250,000 dollars. PlayStation 4 and Xbox One players are eligible to enter the tournament. They also have to be at least 18 years old. The official NBA 2K19 website has all the competition rules. There will be 36 total participants. Half of them will be PlayStation 4 players while the others are Xbox One users. There are weekly events during which players can qualify for the tournament. Players that want a shot at the fame and prize must qualify by taking part in the qualifying sessions. These are called weekend qualifier game days. There will be 16 of them so there are plenty of chances. The first qualifier event is on October 13 and the last one on January 26. The exact hours when the qualifier events take place are listed on the official website. NBA 2K19 players have until January to practice and improve their skills. The pre-final stage is a single elimination event. This will take place in New York. The grand final is played on Xbox One. This last event is a best out of three game. The tournament starts in October 2018 and will end before the NBA All Star Weekend that is scheduled on February 2, 2019. Both players who make it to the finals will get to enjoy All Star Weekend live. The winner also gets the 250,000 dollars.
Players that want to improve their chances should acquire more MyTeam cards which you could get with cheap NBA 2K19 MT in game. Opening packs is the most common way of obtaining cards. There are different collections available so players will have a nice roster of cards before the tournament begins. 

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