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What Do You Think of NBA 2K19 Patch 6?


NBA 2K19 offers an improved experience thanks to Patch 6. Two very annoying issues in Play Now Online were fixed. Players will now get the Perfection achievement and the last league trophy. Players won't get any more wins when someone else wins the game. Traded players got upgraded roster pictures. 
When fouls are called in online games the clock will now correctly reset. The AI will perform better when doing inbounds. Pass steal control will work correctly even if players press the steal button multiple times. Players will also see some improvements for Neighborhood and MyCareer. In the Neighborhood, after leaving the Ante-Up building players didn't get NBA 2K19 MT coins. The patch took care of it. When players are playing dodge ball, they will see that the ball pickup radius was improved. The squad traveling is no longer an issue when the player opts for the subway. Those who are using a face scan to personalize MyPlayer will notice that the neck seam has disappeared. A voice issue was also corrected. In MyTeam mode, players can mute the adversary when they are taking part in triple threat online. MyGM and MyLeague got some revisions too. The online component is more stable. Players will now see that alternate uniforms can be easily used. There was one issue that occurred in off-season. Hot zones could have an irregular progress. This problem will not trouble players anymore. There was also an issue with advanced rotation settings. These would sometimes reset to default if the team had custom values. 
Patch 6 took care of this as well. Players will be glad to know that Pro-Am mode was not left out. The matchmaking system works better after the update. The bug that caused enemy players to appear in shoot around before that match was corrected. Players are advised to let NBA 2K19 fully update before resuming their play sessions. The fixes are also applied to older game mode saves. 

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