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How to Earn NBA Live Mobile Currency


Coins are NBA Live Mobile currency in game . Players earn them as they play the game. Seasons, live events, ranked matches, item trading and collection sets are activities that hand out coins as rewards. Season mode is an NBA Live Mobile feature that allows players to take part in matches organized as a real NBA season. Winning matches and advancing throughout the season are compensated with coins. Live Events are quick game sessions where players jump into a game at certain moments. These activities are designed after real events that occur in the current NBA season. Each completed Live Event comes with coins prize. Head to Head matches or ranked play pit players against each other. Players earn ranks as they defeat fellow NBA Live Mobile players from the same division. The coin reward matches players' performance. The prizes get better as players advance to a higher division. Completing sets is another way to earn coins. Some activities are more profitable than others. Players get rewarded according to how much time and commitment they put into the game but none of their efforts no matter how big or small remain uncompensated. 
NBA Live Mobile auction house is without a doubt the best place to earn coins but this is not necessarily a game activity. The auction house is the game's trading feature that is used by players to sell and buy items from each other. Making coins on the auction house is not a guaranteed deal. Players carefully scout the listed items hoping to find a lucrative deal. This means finding a good item sold way below its real value. They quickly buy it and resell it for profit. This technique is called sniping. Coins are used at the store to acquire packs. Various bundles are available. Players will notice that there's another payment option available besides NBA Live Mobile coins. NBA cash can be used instead. This is premium currency and there's pretty much only one way to acquire it. At the top of the screen players will see a + sign near the NBA Cash icon. Tapping that button will open the purchase menu. Multiple NBA Cash purchasing options and bundles are available.  

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