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How to Earn Season Score Tickets of NBA Live Mobile


Season mode. This is a single player NBA Live Mobile mode in which players take part in games against the AI. The matches are progressively more difficult as players will face better teams. They can improve their team by acquiring players with higher OVR. There are multiple ways to obtain players: from programs, sets, live events, and so on. Apart from being one of the activities that reward tickets, season mode is also one of the best ways to earn XP and level up. Players also receive tickets depending on their level so these two activities, seasons and level, go hand in hand. Tickets are also earned for improving team OVR and players who take part in season games will do that anyway. Twelve tickets are earned for finishing this activity. 
Live events. This is a dynamic NBA Live Mobile feature. Live events are quick activities with different rules and challenges played in single player mode. A live event can challenge players to recreate a notable moment from a historical basketball game, to score a certain number of points from a location on the court, and such. Players can check out what live events are available from the live events map. Different live events are available every day and some can only be played for a limited period of time as they are part of an event or program. Right now, the recommended live events are those associated with the Summer Courts program. Twenty tickets are obtained for completing the live events category in the Season Score Hub. 
Head to head games. This is an NBA Live Mobile competitive mode. Players take part in matches against other users. Fans are obtained as reward among other prizes. The total number of fans decides in which division players are placed. Division promotion is achieved when obtaining a certain number of fans. The head to head user interface is similar to the live events one. Players see potential adversaries from the same division. There are 23 tickets that can be earned from this activity.  
So here are the three ways to earn Season Score Tickets in NBA Live Mobile. There are many ways to get coins in game too, but the best way is to buy NBA Live Mobile Coins from u7buy where you will enjoy fast reliable service. 

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