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How to Get Started in NBA Live Mobile at the End of the First Season


Being a new NBA Live Mobile player towards the end of the first season can be a tricky experience. On one hand, new players missed out on a lot of programs, cards, events, and they're not that familiar with the game yet. On the other hand, there is not much time left until the new season starts and most of the content, including players' hard-earned cards, will be reset anyway. Instead of waiting for the new season to start to make some relevant game progression, new players can start working on their NBA Live Mobile career right away. 
When the new season starts, players will only be left with the basketball players cards that are part of a lineup. All the others are reset. NBA cash is also transferring over into the new season. It's important for new players to always put their best cards in a lineup. NBA cash is mostly used to buy packs from the NBA Live Mobile store or to refill stamina. New players are advised to not spend it as it will be more valuable in the beginning of the new season than now. There are plenty of other ways to refill the stamina bar and other ways to obtain basketball player cards than to buy packs. NBA Live Mobile Coins are the other game currency, and unlike NBA cash, this one is reset in the new season. Players are advised to spend it on any activity listed in the Season Score Hub. There are ten activities that will help players earn tickets. These will be used in the new season so acquiring tickets is a top priority for all NBA Live Mobile players, new or veterans. Season Score lists normal game activities such as live events, sets, leveling up, improving My Team, getting achievements, winning head to head games, and more. Objectives can be found under Season Score activities as well. New players should focus on the Summer Courts program to obtain some high OVR players that can be saved for use in the new season.  

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