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NBA Live Mobile – How to complete Summer League sets


Summer League is a new NBA Live Mobile program. It features players that started their professional basketball career in 2017. The program comes with three types of basketball players and three associated sets. NBA Live Mobile players get the items to complete the sets from live events and from other sets.

NBA Summer League Elite is a type of NBA Live Mobile set that gives players the chance to get an elite player card that is part of the Summer League program. The basketball player obtained as reward has between 84 and 89 OVR. To complete this set, players must first take part in program related live events to earn collectibles. When 30 collectibles have been acquired, they can be used to complete a Summer League Elite set.

NBA Summer League Hero is a set that can only be completed if players have gathered 40 elite Summer League players. The reward for completing this set is a special NBA Live Mobile player with an OVR of 97,or there will have some nba live mobile coins come to you. In addition to the player card, users will also receive an item called hero token.

The last NBA Live Mobile Summer League set is the Master set. It's the most difficult to complete but it surely worth it as it has a great reward. Players who manage to complete the Master set will get the best player from this program, Lonzo Ball. In order to complete this set, players must acquire four hero tokens. These are obtained by completing the previous set, League Hero, four times. When players have four of these items, they can exchange them for the 99 OVR Lonzo Ball card. This card also comes with an SHT and SPD increase. Both of these stats are boosted by five. The Summer League program starts on July 25. Players that wish to be up to date with what's going on should follow NBA Live Mobile on Twitter as all recent news and player releases are posted on the social network first.

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