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NBA Live Mobile - How to Buy Items


NBA Live Mobile Coins are the  currency that will be reset in the next season so there is no point in stashing them. One of the best ways to spend coins is to get items from the auction house that will be of use in other game modes. At the moment, all players are focused on completing Season Score hub activities and earning tickets. One of the activities that reward the most tickets is called My Team. The team's OVR depends on the OVR of players that are part of it. There are lots of ways to get high OVR players. The Summer Courts program is one of the best methods, but it doesn't hurt to check out the auction house once in a while for some bargains. 
To access the auction house, players need to first tap the main menu button. It's the one that looks like three horizontal dashes on top of each other and it is located in the left upper corner of the user interface. From the main menu, users will select the Auctions option. This will open the auction screen that has three tabs: browse, my auctions, and my bids. Assuming that users are interested in buying cards, they will stay in the Browse tab and check out the listed items. Users can browse all items by swiping left and right. The refresh button in the right upper corner will list new items if the auction house was refreshed while players were browsing. An auction will list the item, left time, start price, current bid, and buy now price. If players have placed a bid, this will be shown in the My Bids tab. Players can also use the search tool to narrow their search. They can browse items by type, this means players and/or collectibles. Other search fields are player name, OVR, team, position, price, lineup, and program. A combination of search fields is called a search filter. With time, players will come up with their own filters to find the best bargains. It's usually same for Android and IOS. Players could use NBA Live Mobile Coins IOS or Android to buy item in auction house. 

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