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NBA Live Mobile - How to Complete the Clipboard Commanders Set


Clipboard Commanders, the NBA Live Mobile program, that adds 25 head coaches to the game includes store packs and one set. This program is different than most other programs in the sense that it has no live events and it's not based on set completion to acquire the player cards. Instead, players will be getting packs from the store with cheap NBA Live Mobile Coins. These packs contain program players, collectibles, and players from a few other NBA Live Mobile programs. The program also features a set called Clipboard Commanders. The set is found under the Players tab in the Sets menu. 
Thirty items are needed to complete the set. Players will first need 20 special tokens. These are called Clipboard collectibles. The remaining 10 items are gold players with an OVR between 73 and 83. The reward for finishing the set is a player from the Clipboard Commanders program. This is guaranteed to be an elite or legend player. The special tokens are not earned from live events. In fact, this program has no special live events. Clipboard collectibles are found in packs bought from the store. The pack that contains these items is called Clipboard Commanders. Players need 250 NBA cash to acquire one pack. 
One hundred is the purchase limit. Such a pack contains five collectibles and there is also a possibility to receive a player card with 97 or better OVR. The gold players that are part of the second requirement can be obtained from various activities or bought from the auction house. One thing players should know about these Clipboard Commanders packs is that they will also guarantee rewards in the new season. Each time players buy a pack, they secure one pack that can be opened once the new NBA Live Mobile season starts. The contents of the new pack are not revealed but it was announced that the pack will have the same value. There seems to be no end date for the Clipboard Commanders program so we assume that it will be available for the most of the pre-reset period. Stay tuned with u7buy for more nba game news and buy NBA Live Mobile coins cheap from us. 

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