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NBA Live Mobile - How to Get NBA Cash for Free


NBA cash is a type of NBA Live Mobile premium currency. It is used for various purposes but mostly to buy store packs. NBA cash can also be used to replenish the stamina bar. Players normally acquire it by buying it in exchange for real money but there is a way to get some NBA cash for free. This is one of the game's feature. 
Players first need to open their inbox. This is done by tapping on the icon that looks like a small white envelope. It is found in the upper right corner of the user interface. Players will tap the envelope to open their inbox. They will see an image that shows a movie icon followed by a red arrow that points towards some NBA Live Mobile coins. The message is sent by EA so players will see the EA Sports logo on the left side of the picture. Next to the picture there is a button that reads “View”. The next step is to tap the “View” button. A movie will start playing. It's a very short movie, less than one minute, that is actually an ad. When the movie ends, three buttons appear on the interface. One is in the upper left corner. This is the replay button in case players want to watch the commercial once more. It should be noted that there is no additional reward for watching the movie more than once. The button on the upper right corner of the interface marked by an “X”, closes the ad screen. In case the ad is for a game and players are interested in playing it, they can do so by pressing the ”Play” button. There's no need to play the game to get the NBA cash reward. As soon as players close the ad screen and return to NBA Live Mobile, they will get a notification saying that the reward will arrive shortly. The reward for watching one video is five NBA cash. It's not much but it's free and takes only 30 seconds so it's worth it. Players can check if more videos are available to watch. It's advised to watch them all. 

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