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NBA Live Mobile - How to Sell Items on the Auction House


NBA Live Mobile implements an auction house feature that allows players to buy and sell items. With a few exceptions, all cards that represent basketball players can be sold. If a player cannot be auctioned, this will be stated on his card. 
The Sell Items screen allows players to create auctions. There are two ways of opening this screen. First of all, players must open the main menu by tapping the button that looks like three horizontal dashes. They can tap the Sell Items menu option that will open this screen or go to the Auction menu first. Players may choose to go to the Auctions first to check out prices before creating a bid. In the Auctions screen, on the top right side of the user interface, right before the amount of owned coins is displayed, players will notice a button that reads “Sell”. They must tap it in order to open the screen that allows them to create an auction. The Sell Items screen displays a few options and some info. Players are notified that the auction house takes a 10% cut from any sale. A drop-down box allows players to select the type of item they wish to find: player cards or collectibles. Choosing the All option will display all items that can be sold. 
To bottom side of the user interface shows the list of items. Players can swipe through it to easily find the item they wish to put up for sale. Once the player card or the collectible has been found, it will be moved into the middle part of the screen with a drag and drop move. A frame shows where the item has to be moved. Next players have to take care of auction's details. Two text fields allow them to set a starting bid price and a buy now price. Then they must choose the auction's duration. The minimum time is 4 hours and the maximum is 72 hours. The “sell for” option shows how much NBA Live coins they will get if they sell the item to the game. If players change their mind they can tap the Reset All button. Once the Post Auction button has been tapped the auction is created and the item is available on the auction house.  

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