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NBA Live 18 - What You Need to Know About the Character System


NBA Live 18 players begin their journey by creating a character that will represent them in game. The companion app allows them to create a realistic face scan and to use this model to personalize the game avatar. There is also a customization system for those who want to create their character. Some of the decisions players will need to make involve trivial matters like name but there are some that will influence development. These decisions regard play style and position. There are three positions and each has different play styles. Some characteristics such as height and size are not purely cosmetic when it comes to basketball. These characteristics depend on the chosen play style. 
The character customization doesn't end when players have finished choosing a position and play style. As they play NBA Live 18, they will unlock varied features like skills and abilities that are used to increase the customization level. As players take part in various NBA Live 18 modes, they earn a currency that is called reward points or RP for short. These points are obtained when players complete objectives, when they take part in games, and so on. Reward points are used for crate purchase. The contents of a crate vary from shoes to tattoos. Players use these items to add more customization to their characters. Crates are also earned as a reward if players don't want to spend RP on them. Different types of crates are unlocked based on players' reputation. Players earn reputation when they participate in games on The Streets and in The League. 
Players learn how to perform moves while playing games on the court but the practice mode has some handy features that allow players to train. Drills mode is the basic practice mode that is used to train moves like offensive basics and passing. The moves list in shoot around mode is a great way to practice shooting. Scrimmage allows players to test skills against opponents. Two modes, 1 vs 1 and 5 vs 5, are available for scrimmage. 
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