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NBA Live Mobile – Complete Swag Sets for 88 OVR Players


NBA Live Mobile has a category of sets called Swag. There are seven sets in this category that can be found under the Live Events panel in the Sets menu. To access the Sets menu, players can tap the Sets button on the home screen or choose the Sets option from the main menu. 
Golden Harden set is completed when players turn in 25 silver swag tokens. The reward is 78 OVR James Harden. This shooting guard card has 70 inside shooting, 69 defense, 73 playmaking, 75 outside shooting, 64 rebounding, and 75 athleticism. 
Harden Swag set requires 50 gold swag accessories, one glasses accessory, one shoes accessory, one headphones accessory, and 78 OVR James Harden from the Golden Harden set. The reward is 83 OVR James Harden with 74 shooting, 73 defense, 77 playmaking, 79 outside shooting, 67 rebounding, and 79 athleticism. 
Swagtastic Harden set is completed by those who manage to get one bow tie accessory, one time piece accessory, one chain accessory, 50 elite swag accessories, and 83 OVR Harden. The card obtained as reward is 88 James Harden with 77 inside shooting, 76 defense, 81 playmaking, 83 outside shooting, 70 rebounding, and 83 athleticism. 
Golden Walt Frazier set rewards players with 78 OVR Walt Frazier if they are willing to part with 25 silver swag items. Walt Frazier '72 card is a point guard that has 64 inside shooting, 71 defense, 70 playmaking, 73 outside shooting, 62 rebounding, and 76 athleticism. 
Walt Frazier Swag set requirements are similar to Harden Swag's requirements with the only difference being that the Walt Frazier '72 78 OVR card is needed. For completing this set players will get 83 OVR Walt Frazier '72. His attributes are 69 inside shooting, 76 defense, 75 playmaking, 80 outside shooting, 66 rebounding, and 81 athleticism. 
Swagtastic Walt Frazier set gives players the possibility to upgrade their 83 OVR Walt Frazier '72. Same rules as those for the Swagtastic Harden set apply. The 88 OVR reward card's attributes are 72 inside shooting, 79 defense, 78 playmaking, 83 outside shooting, 69 rebounding, and 83 athleticism. 
Swag Bag is a set that rewards players with one golden or better swag accessory if they turn in two silver swag tokens and one gold swag accessory. Join in as soon as possible if you want to get them. Or you can get the players you need with cheap NBA Live Mobile Coins in transfer market.  

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