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NBA Live Mobile – Don't Forget to Get Your Fire and Ice Masters Players


Fire and Ice, the NBA Live Mobile winter holiday program, is bringing new items into the game. There are sets, live events, and player item cards to collect. The program is called Fire and Ice and has fresh Season 2 content. It introduces a famous basketball player that was not yet featured in Season 2. The player is Allen Iverson and he is not coming alone. Ben Simmons will accompany him. Both players are program related. Collecting them couldn't be easier. Players just have to log into the game to get these two cards. The promo runs for one week starting December 22th and ending December 29th. All it takes is a quick game session and these two 81 OVR cards will be automatically added to players' collections. 
The lineup system changed in Season 2 and players are already familiar with the new one. It's not at all hard to guess why two players are introduced by the program. Allen Iverson is the player card that will go into a Classic lineup. Players will use Ben Simmons for an NBA lineup. These 81 OVR cards are great and they can also be upgraded and bought with NBA Live Mobile coins. There are sets that reward the 83 OVR version of these cards. This is how players obtain the Masters item cards. Allen Iverson is the Ice Master. Ben Simmons is the Fire Master. The 83 OVR upgrade is not the last upgrade stage. The next one is 87 OVR. Both Masters go up to 91 OVR. For each upgrade players will need to complete sets using the previous version of the card. These two players carry a so far unique property. They can be used in any lineup. All Season 2 player cards have a lineup restriction but this doesn't apply to Iverson and Simmons. The NBA Live Mobile team is preparing more surprises for this holiday program. Players are encouraged to log in as often as possible to check out the daily events and also to keep an eye on Twitter for announcements.  

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