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NBA Live Mobile – How Many of These Packs Have You Opened Yet?


NBA Live Mobile hosts the Fire and Ice winter event starting on December 14th. Players will participate in live events and complete sets as soon as the program begins. Live events reward Milk and Cookies tokens which are used for sets that reward presents. These presents are then used to get items that will help users improve their teams. Players that want to get more Milk and Cookies tokens and presents are invited to check out the store. These are the available packs and bundles. 
The Milk and Cookies pack can be bought for 39,999 NBA Live Mobile coins and 199 NBA cash. This pack contains three tokens and two silver or better items. Players also have the chance to get a gold or better present when they open the pack. This is the only holiday pack that can be acquired for coins. 
The Frozen Present Packs will relieve players of 49,999 reputation and 499 NBA cash. When the pack is opened, players will receive one gold or better present, two player cards that have at least gold quality, one item that is silver or better, and five Milk and Cookies tokens. The pack also comes with a chance to get a legend player. 
The Milk and Cookies Frozen Present Bundle costs 1,999 NBA cash. This bundle has four Frozen Present packs just like the ones described above. In addition to these four packs, players will also get 40 Milk and Cookies tokens. This bundle is the best deal for players that are looking for these tokens because they will get five from each pack too. 
The Gold Presents Frozen Presents Bundle costs 4,999 NBA cash. Players get 10 Frozen Packs and also five presents that have at least gold quality. 
The Elite Frozen Present Bundle is the most expensive holiday item that can be bought from the store. Players will need to pay 9,999 NBA Cash should they desire to get this awesome bundle. There are 20 Frozen Present Packs and one elite present obtained when opening the bundle.  

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