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NBA Live Mobile - Celebrate NBA Tip-Off with New Live Events


NBA Live Mobile players are getting ready for season two but there is one more challenge left for them in this season. As every basketball fan knows, the NBA Tip-Off is an important event so it's only natural to have some in game-event to celebrate it. It's not exactly a proper program as there are no new cards added but there is some new content involved. This Tip-Off themed in-game event will have the most exciting news and teams from the NBA season that is about to start. Players that wish to take part in this program from the beginning are advised to keep an eye on the game on October 17th. This is when the celebration goes live. The first live event that will be available is an 11-challenge event. This is themed based on the teams that have the best story lines. Players get rewards for completing this challenge. This will get an item called NBA Tip-Off collectible. This item is used to complete sets. When players finish the set that requires this item, they will receive a King of the Court pack. A 94 or higher OVR player is found inside the pack. 
Starting with October 17th and until the first day of season two, each day will come with a new event. Players are encouraged to complete these daily challenges to earn collectible items that are used to complete sets. The reward for completing sets is a Cornucopia or Kings of the Court pack. The Season Score program is still running. Players have some more time to acquire tickets and to complete sets. Activities like improving team OVR, completing Summer Courts events and sets, finishing objectives, and getting achievements are the best ways to get tickets. Players should keep in mind that any card that is not part of a lineup will be lost while transitioning to the new season. NBA Live Mobile Coins are also reset so it's best to spend them while there is still time. NBA cash is not reset. 

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