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NBA Live Mobile - Don't Forget to Check Out the Community Videos!


Starting December 2017, NBA Live Mobile have one more online resource to check out for information and guides. The official website now has a section that contains community videos. The videos were created by some of the most dedicated NBA Live Mobile players and picked by the EA staff. The videos are neatly arranged in three categories.
The Rookie section has videos that explain basic game features. New players should really check out these videos that will help them understand what the game is all about in no time. There is a video that introduces game concepts like stamina, live events, and modes. Another video deals with sets. Players that are not familiar with objectives and achievements will learn all there is to know about these features in less than two minutes. NBA Live Mobile Coins are currency and an important part of the game. Players that want to know more about ways of obtaining it are invited to check out the earning currency video. There are also videos of events such as Blacktop Courts.
The Pro section deals with more advanced topics. Two of the features introduced in Season 2 are explained here. These features are player training and team chemistry. Season 1 didn't have these two features so players might not be comfortable with them just yet. There are also gameplay videos that explain how to perform moves like passes, shots, dunks, and more. Even though these videos are in the Pro section, they are good for new players as well. Getting used to controlling basketball players is something players should do as soon as possible.
The last section is called All-Star. The videos posted here contain information about the head to head mode and leagues. There are some strategy videos that deal with these topics. The community hub is a new feature so it might not have too much content yet but more videos will be added in the future.

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