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NBA Live 18 - How to Perform Defensive Pressure, Play Calling, and Off-ball Controls On PS4


NBA Live 18 has many moves that are performed by using a button or a combination of buttons. Here are the defensive pressure moves and the associated controls. There are four of these moves. Each move is done by double tapping one of the directional buttons. For a pack paint move, players will need to double tap the up arrow button. Tapping the left arrow button twice will allow players to do a star focus move. If the right arrow button is used, then the performed move will be pressure shooter. Coach default moves are done by double tapping the down arrow button. 
Players can also perform six play calling moves. These are also done with the directional buttons. When the right arrow is pressed, this will issue the command for a screen play. If the opposite button, the left one, is used then a cut play is achieved. Tapping the down button once will trigger the command for open choose play. The up button is used for isolation play. A quick play is done with the same button and then players can choose a play. Select play is performed with L1 and the right stick. 
These are the commands for off-ball controls. A set screen is done by holding the L1 button. A call for pass is achieved when pressing the cross button. The square button is for teammate shots. If the player holds the L2 button in the middle of a rebound then a box out is done. A box out swim is done with the right stick. Players can also do a push off move. First, they must hold the R2 button and then use the right stick to move away from the defender. If the L2 button is held, then a post up move is done. When the R2 button is held and the right stick is used to draw a downwards half circle then a spin-off defender is done. 
The command works in both directions. Should players feel the need to practice moves, NBA Live 18 has three modes that offer diverse ways to train. At last when you know all these skill, the other thing is to build a good team with NBA Live 18 coins. Then you can start to play with friends.  

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