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Everything you need to know to start creating Neverwinter content


Neverwinter Foundry is a free tool available to all players. The only requirement is that a character needs to be level 15 or more. The Foundry is accessed from the character selection screen. Once the Foundry is loaded players will notice six tabs: quest, story, maps, dialog trees, costumes and Neverwinter Online items. All these tabs contain tools to create new Neverwinter adventures. 
The Quest tab contains some fields such as quest name, description, private notes and a language selection drop down list. Quest name and description are public while the notes area can be seen only by the creator. The Story Tab is divided into three elements: map, story flow and objective library. Neverwinter content creators have the option to design a map or choose an existing one. Objective Library contains conditions that have to be completed in order to advance the quest. The list contains the following: unlock door, kill enemies, interact with object, inspect object, dialog and reach point. The story flow is the quest layout. Players drag conditions from the objective library onto the story flow area. Each condition can be edited. Dialog Tree tab allow players to create complex conversations between the players and quest NPCs. These conversations are integrated in the story flow. The Map tab is for map creation. A wealth of tools give players the possibility to create detailed maps by customizing size, type and decorative elements. Creators can also place traps, enemies, teleporters or any other items to obtain maps just like the ones created by the Neverwinter development team. Costume Tab is for NPC design. This is another powerful creation tool that allows players to craft the most unique NPCs and equip them with one of a kind outfits. Quest items are created from the Item Tab. The preview feature comes in handy to identify errors. The publish option adds the newly created quest to the game's content. Once the quest has been published, it becomes available for the anyone in the Neverwinter community to play it and rate it.  
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