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NBA 2K16 News 09/24/2015

As we all know that the NBA 2K16 will be better than 2k15, there will be more changes in the games. The first one want to introduce to you is save your time. In NBA 2K16, the brand new‘2K Pro-Am’mode will allow players to create a...

NBA 2K16 News 09/21/2015

NBA 2K16 will be got soon for all the players, and now more players want to get the details about the NBA 2K16. In this case, we will help you to offer you the details about it. The BNA 2K16 franchise has traditionally...

NBA 2K16 News 09/16/2015

The player rating looks more realistic in NBA 2K16 will let the game playing more and more for players, which can enjoy more real match in games. The following give you the details. LeBron James had an astronomical 98 rating in NBA 2K15,...

NBA 2K16 News 09/15/2015

The NBA 2K16 hits the shelves on September 29th, which is called “the most authentic and real gameplay a basketball simulation title has ever delivered”. Today we will give you the details about the layout and appearance....

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