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Neverwinter News 08/10/2016

Neverwinter released a new update and features on XBox One. The feature guild alliances will allow several guilds to group together; so they could do more things to avoid troubles by themselves. Here are the features: 1.Guild...

Neverwinter News 11/30/2013

Module 2: Shadowmantle, the second free content expansion for Neverwinter, will be live on December 5, 2013! What you are going to experience in Module 2 will have in store for you, including a new adventure zone, the Dread Ring Campaign,...

Neverwinter News 06/09/2013

Instances are the important aspects in neverwinter, but do you have the details information about it? The following will give you the details. Instances are areas inhabited by either a single party or a limited number of players. On a...

Neverwinter News 06/05/2013

Do the quest is one of the methods to get some rewards, such asneverwinter astral diamonds, experience, or items. But do you know how to get the quest? Most quests are obtained by speaking to NPCs, although some may be obtained by using certain...

Neverwinter News 05/24/2013

Q: What is Zen and what does it do for me? A: Zen is a secondary currency which allows you to purchase the newest Neverwinter in-game items and time-limited sale items from Neverwinter's Zen Market. Q: Can I buy items in...

Neverwinter News 04/22/2013

Over the last weekend, Neverwinter players were able to check out crafting for the first time and also got a look at the newly overhauled Skill and Feat acquisition panels. See what we discovered during our time in game and... Neverwinter is...

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