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Story for the Journey Mode in FIFA 17

time 09/29/2016

FIFA is the series video game designed by EA sports. EA improve FIFA in every version continuously in players squads or slightly tweaked graphics. But this time, EA Sports added some new combinations. As well as change the graphics engine of the game, FIFA17 adds a new mode called Journey Mode, which you can find in a RPG. 

The Journey's story won't just take place on the pitch of course. Just like a real football career, you'll be part of all of the elements of Alex Hunter's career from panicking in his bedroom back at his Grandpa's house to traveling on private jets and seeing his name on the back of a shirt for the first time. And you need to play as Alex Hunter, it is mixed race, from a less-affluent background and he's obviously got a lot of passion for the sport from the short scenes we've seen and played from The Journey so far, anyway. He's not your average video game front man and it's certainly a good thing. But it's also a representation of the diversity of football as a sport. A general tip,you can change your camera angle in FIFA 17. If you'd selected to play as a team instead of just Hunter. Pop into the settings to change it. I think “Be a Pro” is the only one that is incredibly embarrassing and sometimes processed until we log in to a different PS4 to see the camera angle back to normal. 

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