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Riders of Icarus new update coming on Oct. 13

time 10/12/2016

Riders of Icarus have announced the next maintenance will happen this Thursday 13 October which will last five hours. There are some changes and update for ROI. And during the maintenance, all roi servers will be down; same to the website login and the billing system. So players could not buy NX too.

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With this update, they fixed a lot of issues in the game and changed some names. And the Void Letonsia’s Mark Recipe now drops from the following bosses: Chaos Lord Izhora, Jumawu, Ikeria, Faudrus, Flam and Kelsier. If you want to get it come to find them. Now let’s have a look at the details of the update that Riders of Icarus posted.

1.Rift Conqueror Collection Event Changed
Void Letonsia removed as part of the event collection
2.Changed “Charles Rabbini” name to “Chaney Rabbini”
3.Fixed the names of Jumawu’s equipment items
4.Fixed the names of the “Full Attack Power Tincture” and “Full Defense Tincture” potions in the German and French language packs
5.Fixed the issue where calendar events end time appear mislabeled
6.Several improvements on during dialogue zoom:
Fixed the issue with Rune Cape effect showing up during NPC dialogue
Fixed the issue where the name tag of surrounding players appears during NPC dialogue
Fixed the issue with NPCs border line appearing during NPC conversation in action/standard mode
7. Changed stats on Jumawu’s Necklace so that it is beneficial for both physical and magical classes

“Physical Critical Hit Rate +10%” has changed to “Overall Critical Hit Rate +10%”

8. Friends/Block List enhancements
Adding a search feature for existing friends/blocked players
Adding a checkbox feature to be able to do batched actions
Name search is no longer case sensitive
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