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Patch 7.1 for World of Warcraft

time 10/20/2016

The first major patch after the launch of the popular MMORPG World of Warcraft: Legion will be available on October 26 on the live servers. This new patch is called Return to Karazhan. Before you can find the patch on the public test realms for WOW. Now let's see what changes and changes Blizzard WOW players bring.

Karazhan is not alien to many WOW players. Some still remember Karazhan as a raid. The Medivh Tower is known for its last inhabitant Medivh. In the 26th patch, Medivh Tower is a normal 5-player dungeon. There are 9 boss players have to kill. Original sound clip from Karazhans Opera Event that you can see in this trailer. If you got the Red Riding Hood event that week randomly throughout the fight someone gets the RRH debuff, gets turned into a redhooded gnome girl and has to sprint away from the wolf. The artefact weapons are a modest revival of the talents of the old school and the "garrison" classes of the class hall are practically the same as the mechanics.
We need to stop WoW as a single entity operating outside the Blizzard Entertainment portfolio - even more clearly in reading the latest 10Q deals for Q3. The fact that a Karazhan expansion for HS as well as a film release showed the importance of the Karazhan Tower and Medhiv were all published on a neatly processed timeline. In addition, the new WorldQuest Falcosaurs Swarm is available. As part of a new World Event, players Alcaz Isle will be visiting again. There are also changes to classes and talents.

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