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Changes of Pokémon GO 1.13.3 & 0.43.3 Version

time 10/24/2016

New update of Pokémon GO is coming again. This time, there are two versions too: version 1.13.3 for iOS, and 0.43.3 for Android. But players could not see it in app store yet. Based on past experience, Nianti like to announce update a little earlier than the release time, which mean Pokémon GO players should be available in app store in one or two days later. 

With this update, there are some Minor text fixes, and a low battery indicator have been added for the Pokémon GO Plus. This could help players to check power condition any know when the wearable device has low battery. Now, let’s have a look what other changes Nianti made in the new versions. 

Do you remember the catch bonuses thing they updated in last version. Pokemon go players could earn medals by catching a certain number of Pokemon of the same type. This time, the Pokémon GO team made a new update because of this. They added an icon to help players check Pokémon type in game directly without searching a list on internet. This icon will be added to every Pokémon screen which making it much easier than before. 

The last thing they made is something about the way that the egg system works. As Nianti said“Professor Willow discovered that Eggs have different patterns depending on the distance required to hatch them.” However we are not sure what it means exactly. As we checked explanation and studied, there are three types of eggs, 2km, 5km and 10km. The distance means you have to walk in order to hatch the egg and get your Pokemon. So we guess they might give all three of them some sort of unique pattern. While it is a theory only. Pokémon GO players could down the new update in one or two days and check these changes yourselves. 

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