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Riders of Icarus Changes:Legendary Dungeon

time 10/27/2016

Riders of Icarus released some new changes with the update of the Legendary versions in which there are three classic dungeons. Be careful riders, these dungeons are more difficult and dangerous than before. But in the mean time, you could get more treasures! Are you ready to join in? If not u7buy.com have prepared full stock for Riders of Icarus Gold with cheap price for you; you could place order any time when you want to meet new challenges. 

1. Entry into the Legendary Dungeons is limited to Riders who are level 40 and above. 
2. All Riders in a party need a Legendary Emblem (12 hour) or Blessed Legendary Emblem to enter any of the Legendary Dungeons. The emblem is consumed upon entry.
3. Riders can earn two Legendary Emblems (12 hour) per day from the daily quest ‘Eater of Flame and Shadow’ offered by Seratia, who can be found at Victory Plaza in Hakain’s Crossing.
4. Legendary Emblems expire 12 hours after they are received. Legendary Emblems are bound and cannot be traded.
5. Raid Dungeon and Legendary Dungeon bosses have a chance to drop the tradeable Blessed Legendary Emblem. Blessed Legendary Emblems do not expire.
6. Each Legendary Dungeon features two debilitating debuffs called 
7. Legendary Curse and Legendary Will.
8. Riders may become immune to Legendary Curse through the legendary Karasha armor 5 piece set bonus.
9. There is no method through which Riders can become immune to Legendary Will.
10. Blessed Revival is unavailable to Riders.

Besides, ROI players could get new Legendary Karasha gears in new Legendary Dungeons. If you are new, you could follow two steps. First, go to find Van Owen Rabbini and do the quest offered by him first. Second, go to Victory Plaza in Hakain’s Crossing to find Rory Rabbini from whom you could use the Legendary Coins you got to buy crafting recipe. In this way, it will make it easier for you with the challenges.

Also new familiars are arrived in the Legendary Dungeons. This is the one named Hameon which is the first Legendary familiars ever in Riders of Icarus. 

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