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Pokemon Go Buddy Feature & Trading Feature

time 09/08/2016

Pokemon Go updated few days ago with new Buddy feature, along with this, the trading feature came also! This new feature could make pokemon go players experience walking with a pokemon beside the trainer in game; in the meantime, it allow Pokemons get candies too,s pecifically to what pokemon the player assigns in the new Buddy feature.

When poekmon walk with the trainer, it could not do other task and players of the game could not command the pokemon if it is assigned as a buddy. If you want to walk with a good pokemon and you don’t have it, you could buy Pokemon Go Pokemon service from u7buy.com. Our professional staff will sign in your account and catching the pokemon you bought for you. Safe, fast and very cheap. There is one thing i need to remind you that you could not trade the pokemon when it’s in buddy mode. If you want to trade it, please remove it from buddy mode first! Besides,  pokemon cannot engage in gym battles as long as it is in the buddy mode. Above all, when the pokemon in the buddy mode, it only accompany the trainer.

Expect that, when players assign a certain pokemon as a buddy, it has a category like Medium, Shoulder, Big, and Flying. As we know, Snorlax could not stay on the trainers shoulders at all. And all the pokemons could get some candies while walking. If you want to get more, you could buy Candy Farming service from u7buy.com. We have professional levelers to sing in your account and farm candy for you. Price is very cheap and service could start in 15 minutes after we received your payment.

At the same time, a report display chart of the total distance from the player "pokemon go" has been completed in time to ask for the price of the bonus. The example shown in the figure includes the distance and the number of hours required to travel long distances to get a certain number of pocket monsters. This is an additional bonus for players. This is a very meaningful thing for people who love both pokemon go and sports; but people like me who don’t like walking is without meaning at all. If you are same with me, you could buy Pokemon Go powerleveling service. There is another limitation of Pokemon, it has same speed of 3 m/s as egg hatching and getting candy. Well, it still very nice to have a company in Pokemon Go, and it let players feel more real!

Besides this, the new trading feature will allow pokemon go players to do trade freely in game. But you need to remember that all these trade should happen in game only. The things you get from other players could not be sold for real money or goods in real life at all! For more details about trading, pokemon go players could check it in game when it totally out and give it a try. But for safety of your account, do not do any thing again the game rules.

At last, welcome to u7buy when you need any Pokemon Go service. We offer the cheapest price for Pokemon Go accounts. Stay tuned to u7buy.com for more "Pokemon Go" news and update!

Notice : Using illegal leveling and gold service might terminate the account