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Something I Know about ESO One Tamriel Update(I)

time 11/02/2016

Zenimax MMO, ESO: Tamriel Infinity is wonderful. The word "infinity" means that there is no limit to your playing, which is a sign of traditional Elder Scrolls. However, while you no longer need to subscribe to ESO monthly, it is still limited. You are limited to where you can go to based on your level, not something that has been seen in the Elder Scrolls game in the past. You are based on the league you choose, or based on your character's race and whether you have the ability to freely choose your league, regardless of race selection your limits. So when the "One Tamriel" update was released at this year's Electronic Entertainment Show, it made itself and many other players excited about the possibilities.

One reason Zenimax decided to use one of their "megaserver" technologies is that friends do not split between different pieces of the game, but to some extent they have replaced the three alliances in the game. If you and your friends are not in the same league, you can not get together. It makes sense that the story, as it is strange, a member of the Dagger Convention was found to help the Queen of the Ardmore rule. However, when you start the game through the "after 50" content, this eventually happens. A Tamriel effectively breaks down the league's hurdles. Members of each league, regardless of level, can go where they want. You can become a high-spirit member of the Aldomini territory trying to find the werewolf problem in Glenumbra. Or you can follow Morrowind's Conflict Brothers as a Brayton shaman from the dagger. The ESO has begun to feel like an actual Elder Scrolls title.

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