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Ten Reasons to Play FUT 17(I)

time 11/04/2016

In fact, the skills and experience of playing FUT 16 can’t help you a lot in FUT 17. Because EA sports has made many changes, the scoring free kicks has been reworked completely. That’s means if you

Frostbite is a new game engine which is added in FUT 17 by EA Sports. Including more details in the worlds of FUT 17 and provide the chance to experience tunnels, locker rooms, the manager's office, and the team plane.
FUT 17 added a new story mode called Journey. You can challenge all Premier League teams play as Alex Hunter, and grow him by yourself.
For FUT 17 gameplay, every moment of setting rewrites, active intelligence systems, physical game overhauls and new attack technologies.
Career Mode
Career mode has been hot in all FUT series, EA sports has made some changes in FUT 17. including Total Club Management and a new Financial System, to go along with Managers and the J-League.

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