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New Neverwinter update fixes the issues

time 11/09/2016

On Xbox One, PS4 and PC  the MMO game Neverwinter were having problems with servers for some time. Neverwinter update 1.03 has been launched but the servers were down for maintenance for some time. Cryptic studios had confirmed a rough timeline for when the services will come back online. The maintenance wasn’t mentioned but at some point the servers just went down. Apparently they went down because of “back end stabilization”. It was first taken down on the PS4 and is now offline for PC and Xbox One as well. The servers are now up but the definite explanation was not given from Cryptic studios.

Update content
The update contains a bunch of content and now that the servers are stable we can enjoy it without issues. Here’s a list of content that has been added in the 1.03 version of Neverwinter:
Pirate Kings retreat – new dungeon
Various voiceover fixes throughout the world
Sound effects have been added for Devoted cleric powers
Electric tiger mount is now uncommon instead of common
Voice chat works when reconnecting after disconnect
Various sound fixes
Various crashes, memory leaks and general performance fixes

And many more general fixes to make Neverwinter a more fluid game.

Hope ahead
The server crashes are now behind us and many of the issues that the players were mad about are fixed. Although the lack of information did bring us certain frustration I think we’re all glad it’s over now. Let us hope there won’t be any other issues stopping us from enjoying the wonderful world of Neverwinter. The PS4, Xbox One and PC versions all benefit now from increased stability. It shows us that we can trust Cryptic Studios to fix the issues that need to be fixed. Let’s hope there won’t be any more ahead.

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