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FUT 17 Scream Team

time 11/09/2016

Get your spook on everybody because it’s time for FUT 17 Scream Team, the utterly terrifying Halloween event lasting from Oct. 21 to Oct. 28. The FUT 17 Scream Team event will feature unique players whose stats will be boosted to utterly terrifying levels during the events of FUT 17 Scream Team and will return back to normal on November 1. Basically, Scream team is FUT 17’s answer to the whole Halloween update thing that has been happening with almost every game available. Though looking at it objectively, FUT 17 Ultimate team Scream Team is something truly special since the players will stay with you, all be it with normal stats, and you can use them even after the event has ended. All in all, FUT 17 Scream Team is a truly terrifying experience. For the other team that is.

Why will the FUT 17 Scream Team players be so special?
Because they are extremely spooky? No? No takers? Ok.. FUT 17 Scream Team players will be special in a sense that they will be something called Live players. Basically what means is that during the event of Scream Team, the players will receive special boosts at certain times that will make the unstoppable. So essentially, FUT 17 Scream Team special players are like FUT 17 juggernauts in a sense. They have these boosts for a limited time so watch out when playing after the event is over less you end up stuck with a bunch of weak and not at all scary players. And who would ever want that?

Why should you be excited for FUT 17 Scream Team?
Spooky? Still no? Alright I will stop. FUT 17 Scream Team is an event worth your excitement and attention because you will have the chance to get some pretty amazing players during FUT 17 Scream Team. To get fut 17 coins cheap or fut 17 points are so important for players to play. The players will stick with you for the rest of the game and do I even have to mention the bragging rights you will have with them? Basically, this will be an excellent opportunity to upgrade your player roster with some truly amazing characters. They won’t be super strong forever though, which is why you should hurry up and rip open those card packs and pray to any and all gods that you get one of them for your team. Good luck!

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