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Game director Tom Chilton leaves World of Warcraft

time 11/11/2016

It may have come as a surprise to many for the game director of World of Warcraft Tom Chilton to leave World of Warcraft team after a successful launch of their newest expansion World of Warcraft: Legion. Tom Chilton has been on World of Warcraft team for over 10 years and the game has seen its best but also its worst with him leading the team.

Tom Chilton’s history working on World of Warcraft
Tom Chilton started working on World of Warcraft back in 2004 as a senior game designer. He remembers the game in its earliest states – going back as far as to having no PvP function inside the game. He worked as one of the six game designers on the World of Warcraft, most notably on talent system – but he’s been working all around: class design, mail system, combat gameplay and PvP systems. He became the Game Director for World of Warcraft in 2010, working on Blizzards 3rd World of Warcraft expansion, World of Warcraft: Cataclysm.

Leaving World of Warcraft does not mean an end to Chilton’s adventure in Blizzard as he jumps on the studios yet unannounced project.

World of Warcraft without Tom Chilton
After more than 10 years of working on World of Warcraft, Tom Chilton the game director has decided it’s time to move on. Working that long on a single product is exhausting and at some point it destroys all innovation, which we can see in his example. Players have seen World of Warcraft at its peak with Tom Chilton leading it as well as seeing it in its worst shape and form. Chilton leaving the team is just natural course of events, someone new has to take over and take the game in a new direction. 

Tom Chilton will be replaced by Ion Hazzikostas, previous Lead Game Designer on World of Warcraft. With Ion taking the game direction I’m sure we’ll see great improvements in the gameplay as well as more innovative approach to the game development. 

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