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Riders of Icarus Choosing a Class

time 11/25/2016

Well the questions seem to be piling up in the community and everyone is going: “What class should I play as?” Well first off, it’s an MMORPG, go nuts. Second, if you are really concerned with your playstyle clashing with the given class, we got you covered with this nifty Riders of Icarus guide. Never again will the players of RoI have to subject themselves to long Google searches to find an answer for their plight. So if you are ready, we can go down and discuss what each RoI class does best and how it plays. 

Class Gameplay

Berserker Gameplay:
Uses a greatsword as a main weapon
Main class role is DPS
Build up rage bar by either getting attacked or attacking enemies
Rage is used for active skills

Wizard gameplay:

Uses a staff as a main weapon
Main class role is DPS
Has a physical blink to avoid getting hit or aggressively approach an enemy

Priest Gameplay:
Uses a scepter as a main weapon
Main class role is support 
The only class that will be able to revive allies
Has Healing over Time skills or Damage Over Time debuffs if used on an enemy instead
Guardian Gameplay:
Uses a sword and shield as their main weapon
Main class role is to be the tank 
Has the ability to block incoming enemy attacks
Assassin Gameplay:
Uses 2 daggers
Main class role is DPS
Has great mobility and has many evasion maneuvers 
Can dash/evade in all directions

Who to pick?

Your choice as always, this is just here to give you pointers. If you really want a recommendation, Guardian for efficiency and Assassin for fun. That’s pretty much it, the game is played in one of two ways, you are either a very efficient fighter or you go around goofing around and showing your backflips to the good looking NPC’s that don’t even acknowledge your existence.
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