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What Are NBA 2k17 Archetypes?

time 11/30/2016

Archetypes in NBA 2k17 refer to various preset playing types or styles you can choose when you create your player in MyPlayer mode. Now it all depends on your play style, you want to start of on the right foot and not have a hard time on the court. Well I’ve got you covered fam, just refer to the list below. 

The Archetypes Part 1

The Slasher;
Take Chicago Bulls’ Dwayne Wade as a perfect example of this NBA 2k17 archetype. The slasher steam rolls ahead to the basket getting layups and finishing close range but to do that your strength needs to way up to get past their front line. Get the height to weight right, you need to be big but not slow.
The Sharpshooter:
This NBA 2k17 SG archetype can be best represented by the Warriors’ Klay Thompson. Sharpshooters are found roaming the 3pt line trying to make the big plays. Here you’re going to want a taller player (6’0” and up) so you won’t get blocked as easy. 
The Archetypes Part 2

The LockDown Defender:
As the name suggests, this archetype will be getting various steals and passing a lot. You’re going to want a 6’3’’ to 6’5’’ player so that you have enough speed to get to where you need to be.
The Shot Creator:
If you want your NBA 2k17 player to be like DeMar DeRozan, then this archetype is for you. You’re going to create and find holes and drag your team from the mists of defeat. There is no specific size for this archetype.
The Playmaker:
Think of James Harden,  the playmaker is able to pull shots in any area of the court. Any height measuring over 6’0’’ is ideal for this archetype.

What to pick?

Your choice in the end buddy.  NBA 2k17 is a game where every player can tailor the experience to their liking. So what are you waiting for…? Go out there and be the SG your daddy always wanted you to be.     
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