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Introduction for Riders of Icarus New Function

time 11/29/2016

In November, there are entertaining events and new activities for players and these familiar, and including new features. Here's a quick look at the new features.

The Familiar Farm
You can group all your pets and companions together in the new familiar farm. Enter your farm, combine your pets, you can discover and get special bonuses. You can also select a lot of pets in the farm where they will all gain experience.
Family Adventures
Rather than having all your relatives level max lounging around your stable, it's time to put them to work when you're not driving them into battle. In dungeons and regions for individual missions, they can collect special bonus rewards if successful.
Strengthening the familiar
Permanently improve the characteristics of your pet at the max level; Speed, endurance, attack and altitude to which they can fly, thanks to the familiar seals level max.

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