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Pokemon GO Tips and Tricks

time 12/09/2016

Pokemon Go is quite the amazing app when you look at it, but as of late it has started to lose steam. This is in part due to the game having so much yet not explaining it to the player which is why we have created this nifty little Pokemon Go Tips and Tricks article. In this article you will learn a bit of information about almost every aspect of the game and how it functions in order to better catch pokemon. Now let’s get our running shoes and turn our app on because we are going to learn about Pokemon GO.

The Tips

Rustling Leaves= wild pokemon.

Long range capture- You can now, thanks to an update, capture pokemon that are further away.

Drop the AR…

Don’t shy from having doubles.

Play at different times of day.

Use Evolution as a quick heal.

Gyms and Pokestops = coins.

Don’t only be a winner, be a defender of gyms.

Pokestop= prize

Keep the app turned on in order to hatch eggs.

Public Transport + Pokemon GO = many pokemon.

Use offline maps.

Curve ball= extra XP.

Name your Evee to determine its evolution.

And if you really cant wait to level up and progress, just invest in Pokemon GO Plus. Or buy Pokemon GO Account and Pokemon GO Power Leveling service. 

What else?

Well truth be told there are a lot of things left in Pokemon GO to figure out that we will probably have enough material for more Tips and Tricks about Pokemon GO articles. That being said, the tips here are genuine and they will improve your experience a lot if you follow them to the letter. The app still does have some interesting things in it and, who knows, you might discover some yourself. But for the love of God please don’t drive and play…Its bad for you Mkaaay? 

Notice : Using illegal leveling and gold service might terminate the account