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The Next Alola Form Theory in Pokemon Go

In pokemon go, we have alola forms for Vulpix/ Ninetales, Sandshrew/ Sandslash, Meowth/(assumed) Persian, Marowak, Exeggecutor, Raichu now. They are version exclusives in RBY. What about other three pokemon?

Although these three pokemon don’t have any big connection with others, but they are similar in Alola forms. They are the only three pokemon who has Alola forms in evolutionary lines. We know that the Alolan Marowak is the partner/signature pokemon of Kiawe who are known as The fire trial captain. I think the next  theory is  remaining Alolan forms, Exegguctor and Raichu are partner pokemon for the other trial captains.  For example, electrical test captain, Sophocles. There are many Pikachu / Leiqiu theme or motive of such objects. (Shoes, scarves, toys, etc.), it would make sense that he would have Alolan Leiqiu as a partner Pokemon. It is very common gamefreak through the gym leaders, the elite four games and other things to show new mechanisms and features. Like Dianthas large GARDEVOIR and Lysanders one million storm carp dragon. If there is a master of each trial Alolan form of a signature Pokemon Kanto Pokemon I would not be surprised. This means Alolan Exeggecutor will be (grass captain) partner mallow Pokemon. But all this leaves a loose end that Lana? Water Test captain. All other forms of Alolan have previously explained, whether it is a different version or another master signature. Therefore, if all I have said can be assumed to be true, then it will be in accordance with Lana water type Pokemon Alolan form. In addition, regional variants did not make any major changes, in addition to Exeggutor Pokemon, which I imagine to do that work of art is, shortly after it was revealed that the floating reference. My best guess a Alolan three dragons will be a change ink into something that looks more like adragonair, then it is likely to make some small adjustments by its color and detail to complete.
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