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NBA 2k17 Tips to not get Banned

time 12/12/2016

Nobody likes a cheater, but 2K’s new rules seem to think that everybody playing NBA 2k17 is a potential cheater, so here is how to save yourself. This article will explain to you all of the flags 2K games sees when it comes to banning profiles. NBA 2k17 does have some fairly simple exploits that everyone has been using thinking that they are harmless but that is simply not the case. Bellow you will find all you need to know in order avoid getting banned from playing Online in NBA 2k17.

What gets people banned

-Buying currency from untrusted third party websites- It might be tempting to purchase NBA 2k17 VC from websites around the internet, but if those sites don’t offer deeper explanations and services like Comfort Trade, Auction House and more advanced ones then it’s not worth the risk. Only go to trusted sellers guys like u7buy.com.

-Creating multiple characters to use the VC glitch. There is a glitch where you get 500 VC when creating a character which you can then send to your other profile. DON’T. 

-Bots and Glitch use is strictly outlawed by 2K games and, with the last few patches, it has become dangerous to your profile to use any of these cheats.

How to get a ban lifted.

2K has a very tight grip around NBA 2k17 for some reason and, if you happen to get banned, there are certain ways out.

For a permanent ban, you can contact 2K customer support and simply concoct a story that would cover anything they viewed as a miss use of their terms of agreement. You can also create another profile, but where’s the fun in that?

For a Temporary ban, just wait it out since it lasts a week or two. And if you can’t wait, buy an account for cheap. And don’t worry, trusted sellers can never get you banned. 

Notice : Using illegal leveling and gold service might terminate the account