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ROI Exarahn Badlands Update Coming Next Week

Riders of Icarus will release a new update next week; in which Exarahn Badlands, Alliance War, Manastone Battles will be added. Also ROI players will see some beautiful new Familiars exist in 1000 years' ago.
1. Exarahn Badlands
Exarahn Badlands is a hard world full of fight and opportunities. All ROI players above level 28 could go in this world via the opened rift and go back to 1000 years ago. If you want to survival, you must fight during this you could earn roi gold to buy good armor, also more to enhance your PvP capabilities. There is also an easy way to get Riders of Icarus gold, you could buy the cheapest ROI gold from u7buy.com with 15 minutes delivery. If you want to win, you could party up with your guild-mates and hunt the enemy, it would be more easier for you. But solo players can join the mass Militia and receive special buffs to help them stay alive too!
2. Alliance War
All level 3 and higher Guilds could form Alliances with two other Guilds and declare war against other alliance. Riders could battle with players in the other side and could earn enough points by taking down enough opponents; in this way players could raise your status to be recognized as an Elite Alliance and bask in the rewards that come with this glory.
3. Manastone Battles
Manastone Battles happens two time every week. You will get unfathomable might when you got the piece of the Manastone, but on the other hand, you will become target of others. So the point to win is team work.
4. Familiars
With the new update, players could see more familiars that from 1000 years ago. Have a preview now:

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