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Guide for Catching Ninetales in Pokemon Go

Ninetales is a fire type pokemon. They evolved from Vulpix when expose to a fire stone. Especially, Ninetales will be getting Ice-type forms in the new "Pokémon Sun and Moon," according to a new update. So how to catch them in pokemon go. This is a guide. 

Foundation fox-like Pokémon fire nine majestic, the Japanese fox spirit fox is definitely a must have for Pokemon on your team, with its impressive high attack and defense statistics. Fire Pokémon is always a welcome addition to your crew, and here is how to get one. Ninetales is like Vuloix and other fire type Pokemon at a higher probability of spawning warm climate. In order to catch one, ready to throw out tons of Pokeballs or Razz Berries. While it is possible to catch up with nine in the wild, to do this is evolving into six instead Ninetails easiest and less stressful way.
To find it, you can roam around the city. It can be found mainly in city area I got it near a shop in city but unfortunately it broke free and then it escaped and ran away. So you have to be sure that you aim at it correctly.

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