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Choosing a Job in FFXIV

time 12/14/2016

In Final Fantasy XIV you will have the ability to choose a job which will later determine some of your abilities. These jobs are not in any sense mandatory, but they give you very useful skills that will carry you through the endgame. Jobs are plenty within FFXIV and you will be overwhelmed at the start, but we are here to ease the transition and explain to you what the best option for you is. Now let’s dwell deep down this page and see just how to choose a job in Final Fantasy XIV.

The jobs and what they do

Paladin- Gladiators with magical attack. Just higher damage.

Monk-Greatly increased hand-to-hand damage.

Warrior-A tougher tank of a Marauder, warriors have more skills that increase damage dealt and decrease the received damage. 

Dragoon-increase combat powers and maneuverability.

Bard- Gain abilities that buff the party.

White Mage- your basic healers.

Black Mage-Devastating spells that kill everything.

Summoner- Lets you have a hoard of minions all to yourself.

Scholar-Supporters with a lot of buffs and healing powers.

Disciples of the hand- These guys just train to craft things by being either a:

How to get these jobs?

Paladin-Gladiator Level 30 and Conjurer Level 15 and complete the Paladin's Pledge quest for the Gladiator's Guild.
Monk-Pugilist Level 30 and Lancer Level 15 and complete the Brother from Another Mother.
Warrior-Marauder Level 30 and Gladiator Level 15 and complete the Pride and Duty.
Dragoon-Lancer Level 30 and Marauder Level 15 and complete the Eye of the Dragon.
Archer Level 30 and Pugilist Level 15 and complete the Song of Bards and Bowmen.
White Mage-Conjurer Level 30 and Arcanist Level 15 and complete the Seer Folly.
Black Mage- Conjurer Level 30 and Archer Level 15 and complete the Taking the Black.
Summoner-Arcanist Level 30 and Thaumaturge Level 15 and complete the Austerities of Flame.
Scholar-Arcanist Level 30 and Conjurer Level 15 and complete the Forgotten but Not Gone.
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