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Pokemon Go - How to Catch Rare Pokemon?

In Pokemon Go playing, there are many kinds of the pokemons, which also including the rare one, and it is difficult for players to catch. For this article, we will give you some tips about how to catch rare pokemon.

For the first thing, you should try to get the ring around the pokemon as small as possible before flinging a pokeball at it. The smaller thr ring you have, the more dhance for you that the pokemon will not escape from the ball. If the Pokemon does escape, just hit it with as many Pokeballs as possible before it has a chance to run away, as each consecutive Pokeball will make a successful capture more likely.

That and crossing their fingers is easy for players to catch rare pokemon, but higher level trainers have more options at their disposal. When you reached level 7, the players can collect the Razz Berries from Pokestops, which can be fed to wild pokemon to make them less likely to ran away or escape from the pokeballs.

When you are in the level 10, you can access more powerful pokeballs,wild pokemon of all levels will be difficult for finding to escape from these balls, so they come in handy when going after the especially hard-to-catch pocket monsters. For even better results, one could feed a Pokemon a Razz Berry first, and then start pelting it with higher grade Pokeballs to make it even more difficult for them to escape.

For sometimes, the players will have more other ways to get the rare pokemon. For example, if the pokemon trading methods can work, the players can trade the pokemon to each other, the higher level trainer can trade the rare pokemon to a new players who are on the same team for the purpose of controlling pokemon gyms in te area.

The above are the methods that the players can get the rare pokemons. If you feel it is hard for you to catch the rare pokemons yourself, you can choose our site to buy the pokemon go pokemon, which is incluing the rare pokemon. The cheap price and the fast delivery we can offer you.

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