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Pokemon Go How to Find Ditto Spawns

time 12/15/2016

Well my dear viewers Pokemon Go just released Ditto into the wild areas of places such as graveyards, scrapyards and of course…Detroit. Now some of you might be wondering as to where Ditto spawns since it is a bit trickey to catch like most Pokemon in Pokemon Go. Never fear though because we are here to explain to you the logic behind Ditto spawns in Pokemon Go and how to apply it to the game so that you can be the best Pokemon Go player in your group of friends which include your mom, grandma and sister that hates you. Now let’s get ready to catch all of the Dittos.

Ditto Spawn Points

Now here is one thing you need to know, specific spawns don’t really exist for Ditto in Pokemon Go and you will not be able to hatch this little guy from an egg. This being said, there is a logic behind his spawns and it uses Dittos transform ability in order to hide him from you, so basically you have to look for Pokemon Ditto transforms into. Here is the list of currently known Ditto transformations in the wild: Spearow, Metapo, Magikarp, Paras, Venonat, Nidoran, Mankey and Ekans with some off chance mentions of Snorlax being in the mix. Set your eyes on these guys and you will find Ditto eventually…Or just another useless Spearow…Again…FOR THE 100th GOD DAMN TI… Ok, I’m ok lets just continue.

Will this work?

Like we said up top, we don’t really know which means that a hunt for Ditto in Pokemon Go is just a guess game. You will have to be up all night to get lucky and catch one of these guys or just get a random Pokemon instead. Or buy a Pokemon Go account directly. I hope that this little insight into the spawn mechanics of Ditto will help you to better hunt and catch this little bastard because lord knows I tried a lot before I figured this out.

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