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WOW Lvl100-110 Power Leveling on Sale at U7buy

We all know that, the new expansion for World of Warcraft is published on August 30,it is Legion. The maximum level for the players is increased to Lv110 in the game. At the same time, u7buy provide safe power leveling to help you reach 110 level faster.

In WOW, Legion the story takes place in the new continent "ravaged islands". The heroes of Azeroth must find the ancient relic "Pillars of Creation" to stop the invasion of the Legion. The new expansion brings many new features: The maximum level of the player is increased to 110th. New class Demon Hunter is available. Players can also enjoy making the new continent of Azeroth - The Broken Isles. These islands consists of six areas. 10 Dungeons 2 raids and new world bosses are waiting for the player. In addition, the honor PVP will bring special experience.

Do you want to achieve level 110 faster or get more gold, armor and weapons? U7buy is a good choice. Level 100-110 power leveling products are now available. If you buy Lv100-110 leveling product from us, you can enjoy these:
1. Lvl100-110 power leveling, main quests done
2. Free 8000 Gold
3. item level reached Lv780
4. Most of the quests done Lv100-110
5.Unlock Most of the routes
6.All Drops for you to keep

Visit our site, in wow power leveling package you can find suitable products. U7buy is the most reliable site with rich experience in wow power leveling.

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