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NBA 2k17 Building a good Expansion Team

time 12/19/2016

It’s quite important to know what you have to do in order to survive NBA 2k17 and this article will share one aspect of that knowledge. The Expansion Team. Yes NBA 2k17 brings about many new features which were not available in previous NBA games and one of those is the whole Expansion creation thing which extends to entire leagues that allow going over the 30-team NBA. So without further ado, here are the tips to building a good Expansion Team in NBA 2k17. Study carefully, this will be on the test.

What to do


-Win now, win big.
-Prepare for the future that will come.

The roster:
-Get a good cornerstone-Someone like Ben Simmons might be good.

-Don’t waste time chasing the big superstars in free agency.  They want a team that has a chance, and you aint that yet kid.

-Grab multiple young starts, these guys are amazing.

-Shooters galore.

- Get one playmaker for the starting lineup.

-Protect the Rim, always (and no, that’s not a childish joke woven into the article…Or is it?)

-Be very, very patient. You will have time to become a giant super team later on. Take it slow for now.

Are you all set?

Nope. I keep saying in these articles that, if you are a horrible player, no amount of NBA 2k17 tips for anything will help you out. They can give you a good start sure, but if you don’t even know how and when to pass the ball or when to shoot you are pretty much doomed. Hone your skills on the field and then you will be unstoppable. If you need to buy NBA 2K17 MT or cheap NBA 2K17 VC to make your team better, welcome to u7buy.com where you could not only get cheap price but also fast & safe delivery. Good luck out there mate, NBA 2k17 is a hell of a game.

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