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The best and worst cards from NBA 2K17’s Droppin’ 50′ MyTEAM pack

time 12/17/2016

Well it’s that time again to analyze something ingame just to tell you, our faithful viewer, how much you are getting screwed over by NBA 2k17 at times. Don’t get us wrong, there can be wonderful players in the Dropping 50’s pack, and we will show those too, but some are just not worth it at all. So to just kick it off (used the wrong sports term as a joke here, don’t kill me) here are the best and worst cards from NBA 2K17’s ‘Droppin’ 50′ pack.

The cards

Sapphire Corey Brewer-it’s fine, way more balanced than the other Droppin’ 50 Sapphires.

Ruby Kevin McHale- pretty decent to complete a collection, but using him in NBA 2k17 is just a waste of space for some setups.

Ruby Dirk Nowitzki- Excellent with mid ranged shots, but is just miserable for defense. 

Ruby Allan Houston – THIS DUDE IS A MONSTER.

Ruby Karl Malone- Meh, decent but don’t use him for speed.

Amethyst George Gervin-Get him as quick as you can.

Amethyst Allen Iverson- not the best in Droppin’ 50’s but he can be decent.

Diamond Dominique Wilkins-Worth every drop of blood you had to spend for him.

So what should you do?

Dropping 50’s might contain some good NBA 2k17 cards but you will have to spend an arm and a leg just to get one of the more decent players where others are just useless for the price. If you have any needs of cheap NBA 2K17 MT  or want to buy NBA 2K17 VC Account, will be your best choice.  And if you are lucky enough to get the diamond, you pretty much managed to beat NBA 2k17, and no, not just one mode… You simply beat the game. 

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