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Neverwinter How to get Executioner set

time 12/23/2016

There are a lot of ways to get a good set of armor in Neverwinter, the easiest of course being to simply buy the damned thing. Today we will tell you the ways you can get a set of Prestige Executioner Armor in almost no time at all. So get ready because you are about to become a fully-fledged Executioner in Neverwinter, excited? Well you should be, now let’s go down there and decipher what we need to do in order to get this set. 

What to do

First off, the Executioner set will need 80,000 Glory and 1,800 Seal of Triumph Coins (not seal of Trump coins) to get.

The sets efficiency:

2 of set: +500 Tenacity ( for PVP)
3 of set: +10% Damage Resistance when you are controlled. 

Getting glory: Participate in a Gauntlgrym PvP session, Play Domination and Exchange currencies into Glory

Getting seals of Triumph: awarded by completing Daily PvP Domination Victory quest from Domination Battlemaster in the Trade of Blades.

There is a different option here in order to get the set quickly since it’s a tiny grind and not really all that difficult, and it’s waiting for you bellow my fellow Neverwinter fans.

The trick

in mod 10 you receive 60 coins for a daily win and an extra 30 from a quest called Triumphant Banners where you have to get 10 Banners of the Fallen that you get from PvP and opening Boxes.

Doing this will net you a decent amount of coins and after around 20 days of getting daily awards from this you will be able to get your armor without a hassle. And until you cap your glory at 50,000 you can just to this daily event in order to get the Executioner set in Neverwinter. If you want to save more time, go to u7buy.com to buy Neverwinter Astral Diamonds and Neverwinter Account of Zen! 

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