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Star Wars the Old Republic Space Combat Tips

time 12/25/2016

Let’s get one thing straight first, if there is one thing that I hate in Star Wars the Old Republic (aside from the sometimes annoying moral choice things) it’s the space combat. Weird, confusing and just annoying at times, SWOTR could do without it honestly. But we are here to teach you how to be an ace pilot in Star Wars The Old Republic which is why I must swallow my pride and play the space combat parts in order to check these SWOTR Tips out. Now let’s DIVE right in…Get it? Cause dive and… Let’s just go. 


Press space to do a barrel roll.
To fire proton torpedoes, hold your targeting reticule on a target for several seconds till it gets a special icon.
You can fly around using BOTH keyboard and mouse. 
Make sure to check the spaceship upgrades vendors on the fleet. In particular, don't forget to buy the power converter unit for 30 fleet commendations as early as possible! It lets you switch between greater shield regeneration and much more powerful blasters.
In space combat, hold the right mouse button down to "paint" multiple targets, release and fire
multiple missiles at multiple targets simultaneously.
While firing lasers, your shields do not recharge. Take a break using missiles for a while to help
your shields recharge faster..

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Are you an ace pilot now?

Hmmm… Nope, my notes say that you are pretty horrible still. But don’t worry, these tips will help you get better at SWTOR space combat and actually get something useful out of it besides a failure screen… So I guess we shall meet next time when, hopefully, you would have mastered Star Wars The Old Republic space combat and became a true ace. 

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