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Pokemon Go Christmas Boxes

time 12/31/2016

Well Christmas came and went, for Catholics anyway, and games like Pokemon Go are still releasing special gifts for their faithful players. Pokemon GO specifically has released a neat little event that will surely get you a lot of goodies so you can play more Pokemon Go during the Holidays and not have to interact with your family. These boxes will be present for a limited time only, so be ready to grab them as soon as you collect or buy Pokemon coins because the event is going to go by fast. What do these little gifts get you and how can you get them you ask? Well you can find that out down below.

What do you get?

When you open the Pokemon GO ingame store this time around you will find something new. Gift boxes that come in 3 different tiers with each one being more valuable than the last.

When you open up the in-game store, you should notice three tiers of holiday boxes. The Special Box costs 250 coins and includes 10 Great Balls and 2 Egg Incubators. The Great Box costs 550 coins and gets you 20 Great Balls, 2 Incense and 4 incubators. Finally, the Ultra Box costs 1500 coins and includes 25 Ultra Balls, 25 Incense and 6 Incubators.

The configuration of these boxes has yet to be revealed by Niantic, but it is sure exciting. 

All set?

So how does that info up there sound? Are you going to dust off your Pokemon Go app or download the Pokemon GO apk again or are you going to past? Whichever you choose to do, know this: This Pokemon Go event is going to last from December the 30th until January the 3rd after which there will be no more presents. So what are you waiting for, get your Pokemon Go coins and purchase some boxes. If you don’t have Pokemon Go account yet, buy a new one from u7buy.com now.  

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